Observing the digital trends in China is a bit like peering into a crystal ball. What can they teach us about the future of digital experience here in New Zealand and around the globe?

It’s easier than ever to apply data and insights to drive successful advertising and marketing content, but a new survey by has found that only a small percentage of New Zealand businesses are doing it. We’re looking into why that is, and what you can start doing today to change it.

Messaging is no longer just about chatting with friends. Its meteoric rise is also creating a massive opportunity for businesses using Marketing Automation.

Gone are the days of allocating marketing budget and hoping for the best. Multi-touch attribution allows marketers to make informed decisions and reach their audiences at pivotal points in the user journey.’s Head of Business and Innovation Adnan Khan recently took the stage with the likes of Sephora, Fox Sports and more at DOMO …

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Data privacy legislation just underwent its most important change in 20 years – is your business doing enough to stay compliant?   Data privacy legislation recently underwent its most important change in 20 years, making a huge impact on online advertising and related privacy. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), adopted by the European Parliament …

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There’s been plenty of media coverage featuring Facebook and Cambridge Analytica over recent weeks. Here’s our take on the situation.   Where does the story begin? The origins of the controversy can be traced back to a ‘personality quiz’ web app created by Cambridge University professor, Aleksandr Kogan, in 2013. To participate in the quiz, …

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What’s the best way to get your message across in the digital age? We’ve got five top tips to get you started.

Using people-based multi-touch and offline data attribution, Cisco Networking Academy achieved stronger business outcomes with its recent campaign.   Cisco Networking Academy has a goal to positively impact 1 billion lives globally by 2025 by offering a range of courses in various technology fields, such as programming, IT and security. Recently, they needed to generate …

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You may not be a data scientist, or even have one on your team, but beware if you’re not at least thinking like one. It’s the difference between having the ability to say “I know” instead of simply, “I think.”

Big Data Futurist, John Ellis, explores a new marketing paradigm where the data about a product could be more valuable than the product itself. Enter The Zero Dollar Car and other thought starters for considering what the future value of data may lead to. READ MORE

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